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  • Digestion and Metabolism are Linked

How Digestion and Metabolism Are Linked

Digestion and metabolism are terms sometimes used interchangeably, but they are in fact two different processes.  That said, these processes do cross paths in a number of ways, impacting everything from your energy levels to your weight loss. 

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  • How to Boost Metabolism Naturally

How to Boost Metabolism Naturally: 5 Proven Methods

Knowing how to boost a metabolism is the ultimate goal of dieters and weight watchers around the world.  Your metabolic rate decides just how fast your body burns through calories.  That said, while many factors – such as genetics – are essentially set in stone, there are some others that are perfectly within your control.

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  • How to speed up metabolism

How to Speed Up Metabolism to Burn Fat Faster

Knowing how to speed up metabolism is one of the best gifts you can give yourself when you want to burn fat faster.  This is because your metabolic rate decides how quickly and easily your body will burn through calories and stored fat on your body.

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