Theobromine IngredientTheobromine is a supplement ingredient that also happens to be found in food.  What food? Chocolate!  That’s right, an ingredient that is sometimes used in products such as diet pills is a naturally occurring substance in the cocoa plant.

What is Theobromine?

Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid found in the cocoa itself.  It is sometimes listed in ingredients lists as graine de cacao, theobroma, Theobroma sativum, theobroma cacao, cocoa oleum, 3,7-dihydro-3,7-dimethyl-1h-purine-2 6-dione.

How Does This Ingredient Work?

This is a natural chemical found in cocoa.  It is an antioxidant known as a flavonoid.  Medicine still has yet to determine precisely how flavonoids work within the body.  That said, it is believed that theobromine and other flavonoids provide a kind of relaxation of the veins.  In this way, it may help to play a role in blood pressure reduction, among other functions. These natural compounds may also act in the body by reducing blood vessel blockages or decreasing the activity of substances in the body that cause inflammation.

Taking theobromine in supplements can have a stimulant effect not unlike that of caffeine, only typically milder.  This helps to explain why it is found in diet pills as it can provide supportive benefits to those following a healthy weight loss strategy.

How is Theobromine Used?

Theobromine is used in supplements for a variety of reasons.  Many of them have to do with reducing heart disease risk, improving blood vessel function and reducing blood pressure.  According to WebMD, there is enough evidence from reputable studies to justify its use for those purposes.  In fact, it is also deemed to be possibly effective for the treatment of high blood pressure, when used in appropriate doses in a consistent way over time.

This ingredient is also being researched for a number of other fascinating uses.  These include everything from cholesterol control to skin anti-aging benefits, overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, constipation, and a range of benefits for helping to overcome the struggle associated with weight loss.  In fact, there have been some early studies conducted on using this ingredient as an obesity treatment, for that matter.  As of yet, it remains too early to determine whether or not it could be beneficial for that purpose.

Is Theobromine Safe?

Theobromine is typically considered to be “likely safe” when taken orally.  The majority of people can take it safely provided they are healthy, and it is taken in reasonable amounts. Taking this ingredient in excess can lead to sleep struggles, increased urination and changes in heart rate.  Taking this substance in excessive amounts is not recommended.