Maximum Fitness PotentialAiming to reach your maximum fitness potential can be a fantastic goal. The challenging part is in knowing the right steps to take to get there and to recognize it when you do. There are many different points of view and opinions on the precise path you should take to reach your target.  However, when all is said and done, it boils down to 3 main components.

The 3 Key Steps to Reach Your Maximum Fitness Potential

Nearly every expert will agree on these three components to reaching your maximum fitness potential. Even if they disagree on what goes into each one of these steps, they will agree that the steps are the right ones.

1 – Preparing Yourself

Even before you choose your workouts, buy any gear you need or talk to a single expert, you need to know that you are passionate about this goal. Working to reach your maximum fitness potential isn’t going to be easy, and it won’t be fast. Plan for years, not weeks or months. It’s a commitment that involves several lifestyle changes. If you’re passionate about it, then this will be a fulfilling and rewarding challenge.

If you’re not looking for something for more than a hobby – because you have obligations with work, family, and other responsibilities or even hobbies that you want to meet – then this may not be the path for you. If you’re excited to fill your life with this goal, to the point that it’s the primary thing you think about even while you’re focusing on other tasks, then reaching your maximum fitness potential may be the target you’ve been waiting for.

2 – Training for Your Maximum Fitness Potential

Even while training for your maximum fitness potential, the odds are that working out like a professional athlete isn’t realistic. Even if there are facilities and trainers local to you, the majority of us have neither the money nor the time to pour into that level of lifestyle changes.  That said, you may still have the type of facility and expertise available to you that you can afford, and as long as you’re willing to use a substantial portion – or all – of your free time for this purpose, then you may be closer than you think.

When you’re aiming for a goal this high, it’s a very good idea to talk to your doctor and to a physical trainer who specializes in this type of pursuit. Be choosy about the trainer you select. It may not be the first one you talk to.  Remember that this is a goal you’ll be chasing for years and, particularly at the start, you will be leaning heavily on your trainer to guide you. You need the right foundation of trust, drive and expertise. Don’t settle.

3 – Performing at Your Best

Remember that it’s not enough just to show up. You need to be willing to power through every workout at your very best if you’re going for results.  Even if you give yourself a hand with an energy or metabolism booster – especially at the beginning – you have to pour yourself into those moves, focusing on form, accuracy, and pushing yourself to the top. Know how you will motivate and inspire yourself even when you’re not feeling it. Understand that this will also affect what you eat, how you recover and when you rest. Your performance will be all day, every day and you need to know how you’ll ensure that you bring it. If this is the goal for you, you can do it.