Hot or Cold Beverages for Metabolism Boosting?Should you be drinking hot or cold beverages for metabolism boosting reasons? It sounds like a goofy question, until you pause, think about it, and realize that it’s really not!  The temperature of your beverage will never dictate whether or not you lose weight successfully.  If you keep up all the same habits but change only your drink temperature, you’re not going to see a massive difference on your bathroom scale.  However, it can play a role in your metabolic rate and, combined with your other efforts, could make a difference to your results over time. Every bit counts, right?

Is it Hot or Cold Beverages for Metabolism Speed?

Interestingly, there is research and benefit to drinking either hot or cold beverages for metabolism support. Their advantages occur for very different reasons but seem be about equally beneficial.  Therefore, the key isn’t as much the temperature of what you drink, but the choice of the drink itself, and how often you’re having it.

Some Like it Hot

On the warm side, drinking hot beverages for metabolism boosting occurs because the body will typically absorb a liquid more readily, and it is often easier on the stomach. In this way, it’s easier to be hydrated and to give your body what it needs to function at its best when the water you provide it is being absorbed more efficiently.

Others Do Not

On the other hand, cold water also has its benefits for metabolism.  In this case, it may not absorb as easily as its warmer counterpart, but it does bring down the body temperature, causing the body to have to compensate for it, burning more calories to rebuild the temperature that was lost.

What You Drink is Just as Important as Hot or Cold Beverages for Metabolism Boosting

Of course, those experiments were done using water.  Since water doesn’t have any calories, then it has a better chance of having a measurable metabolic impact based on other factors regarding its consumption, such as quantity and temperature.

Many of the benefits of drinking water have to do with the fact that it is just that, water.  This means that if you’re drinking a can of soda, you may not see the same types of advantages that you’d get from sipping away at what comes out of the faucet.  Since other beverages contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, coloring, and other ingredients, often containing calories, and even carbonation, any benefit could be offset.

Overall, any benefits you’d get from choosing to drink hot or cold beverages for metabolism boosting are nearly exclusive to plain water.