Tips for Your 2021 Fitness Plan

Are you ready to create your 2021 fitness plan and aim for the goal you’ve set for yourself?  If so, you need to make sure you’re keeping your metabolism in mind.  Your workouts and the other steps you take to complement them will decide how efficiently your body burns through calories and stored body fat.

How to Start Your 2021 Fitness Plan

Get ready for it. You know this advice is coming.  Resist the urge to roll your eyes.  Yes, you should speak with your doctor before starting a new 2021 fitness plan or making any other major changes to your lifestyle. It’s a nuisance, but it’s extremely important and can be very useful.  Your doctor will help you to know more about your body and what it needs from your diet, physical activity, sleep, and other healthy lifestyle factors.  This appointment can also help you to make sure that your goal is appropriate for you.

Once you have the nod from your doctor, it’s time to start looking at the various parts of the 2021 fitness plan you want to create for yourself.

Parts of Your 2021 Fitness Plan

Unless otherwise advised by your doctor, make sure your 2021 fitness plan includes each of these components.

1 – Cardio

This is the primary fat burning component of your 2021 fitness plan. It gets your heart pumping and your respiration rate up.  It’s fantastic for your health and should be a part of your workouts at least 4 times per week.

2 – Strength Training

Though it doesn’t burn as much fat as cardio, strength training helps to preserve and build your lean muscle.  This means that it helps to stop your body from burning through muscle instead of fat (or replaces what was burned), and it helps to make you stronger, reducing your risk of injury. Moreover, lean muscle is a great calorie burner, which means that the more of it you have, the more fat burning you’ll get from your cardio workouts. This should be a part of at least 2 workouts per week.

3 – Balance and Flexibility

Balance and flexibility exercises are fantastic for keeping your body well, preventing injury, and supporting your mental health and motivation. Do this type of workout as many times per week as you’d like, but at least once.

4 – Metabolism Support Supplement

A great metabolism support supplement is a fantastic tool to help you feel confident that you’re getting everything you can from your 2021 fitness plan.  Don’t let your metabolism start lagging and holding you back from your goal.  Use this type of tool to keep your body running efficiently.

5 – Diet

As much as your 2021 fitness plan is primarily focused on exercise and physical activity, it is important to recognize that other factors will affect your performance and results.  Primary among them is your diet.  What you eat plays a massive role in your energy levels, your performance, and even your motivation. How you feel is greatly determined by your nutrition.

When you eat with your physical activity in mind, you can make a measurable difference to how well you perform, how much you enjoy your workouts, and even your results. Moreover, it’s not just what you eat but also how much.  If you eat too much food, you’ll feel sluggish and bogged own.  Too little food will drain your energy and hold back your progress.  It can also cause serious health complications as your body shifts from burning fat to burning muscle to make up for the missing calories. Using a tool like a Daily Calorie Calculator can help you to be sure your diet matches your 2021 fitness plan.