• Faster Metabolism from Standing Up

You’ll Have a Faster Metabolism from Standing at Your Desk than Sitting

New research has shown that you’ll have a faster metabolism from standing than you will from sitting for the equivalent length of time.  This will have that friend of yours who loves their standing desk absolutely dancing – which is also great for the metabolic rate, for that matter!

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  • Worst Eating Habits for Your Metabolism

These Are the Worst Eating Habits for Your Metabolism

When it comes to eating habits for your metabolism, there are certain choices that you can make that will speed things up, and others that will slow things down.  Since pretty much nobody wants a slower metabolic rate, the key is to make sure you’re making the right choices to keep things running efficiently. This is the best choice for your weight control in particular.

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  • Your Metabolism Slows Down with Age

Think Your Metabolism Slows Down with Age? Think Again!

Most of us assume that our metabolism slows down with age.  Why wouldn’t we believe that? We’ve been told this same thing by pretty much everyone who is older than we are, and as we get older, we experience the same thing. After our twenties, it feels that each passing year makes it that much easier to gain a pound, but that much harder to lose it. 

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  • No, Metabolism Doesn’t Slow Down as You Age

Turns Out Your Metabolism Doesn’t Slow Down as You Age

Despite what we’ve been told all our lives until now, recent research is showing that no, the metabolism doesn’t slow down as you age.  So, before you start to blame the extra body weight on the fact that you just aren’t as young as you used to be, you’ll want to read this. 

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  • What is Metabolic Syndrome

What is Metabolic Syndrome and What Are Your Risks?

Metabolic syndrome isn’t just one thing but is instead a combination of various risk factors that increase your chance of developing diabetes, heart disease or stroke. It is known by a variety of different names, such as insulin resistance syndrome, Syndrome X, or dysmetabolic syndrome, but they all refer to the same collection of heart disease risk factors.

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  • Hot or Cold Beverages for Metabolism Boosting?

Should You Drink Hot or Cold Beverages for Metabolism Boost?

Should you be drinking hot or cold beverages for metabolism boosting reasons? It sounds like a goofy question, until you pause, think about it, and realize that it’s really not!  The temperature of your beverage will never dictate whether or not you lose weight successfully.

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  • Effects of Feeling Sedentary

What Being Sedentary Does to Your Metabolism

Being sedentary can feel as though it’s the most practical or comfortable way to spend a day.  It could be that you have a job or many tasks to complete that require you to sit at a desk or a table for hours at a time. Alternately, after spending all week working and sitting at your desk, you may feel exhausted and want nothing more than to spend most of your weekend relaxing on the couch and binging a new series. 

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